Mista Min’s story in Süddeutsche Zeitung!

Mista Min went through tough times in his life – one of Germany’s most important daily newspapers just wrote a great article in its weekend edition about Mista Min and his story!


Mista Min music video

Here’s Mista Min’s first music video – special thanks to Tolga from thebrainon films!


Next Release: Mista Min!

Hot Corner Records proudly presents the next fresh artist: US rapper Mista Min, already been featured on Blockboy’s Heartbox EP, comes with his debut EP Nineteeneightyfive!

This EP is based on three songs of Mista Min’s former crew concept7 from Texas. They worked on a promising album when a studio fire destroyed nearly all of the music. Only a few songs could be salvaged. Mista Min combined these with a new song and so Nineteeneightyfive was born. Texan underground Hip Hop at Hot Corner: it’s the real shit! 😉 Release Date: March 6 2015 // format: download


Blockboy live on tour with GUTS !

Blockboy will be german tour support for french hip hop producer GUTS ! Dates: 9.12. Munich / Ampere, 10.12. Berlin / Privatclub, 11.12. Cologne / Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld


New video: Blockboy live at the Klangfest

For those who missed Blockboy’s great performance at the Klangfest, we now have this video – including passages of an interview he gave afterwards where he explains his work!


New music video: Blockboy a.k.a the drumming sloth

Today we proudly present Blockboy’s new music video !
Amazing work, directed by Blockboy himself!


Blockboy live at the Klangfest!

According to the release on June 6, Blockboy will give a live performance the following day at the Klangfest, located in Munich’s opera house Gasteig. And as a multimedia artist, which truly he is, he will not only present his new music, but also do all the visuals! Munich, Gasteig, Black Box // June 7, 2014, 20.45


Blockboy: new album is coming!

Inspired by old recordings of blues singers Blockboy will present a very entertaining and complex album – stay tuned! Release date: June 6 2014 //  Formats: download & vinyl LP (limited to 300 copies)


Heartbox nominated by US radio station as Trip Hop record of the year!

Wow! Florida based radio station edicion limitada nominated Blockboy as Trip Hop Record of the year!! Listen to the show at 52:23 when “The Renaissance” goes on air !


Kudos UK distributing Blockboy!

Huge Thanks to Tobias Kirmayer, owner of Tramp Records, for his support and helping us getting distributed by legendary Kudos Records – UK based, worldwide! 🙂


Vinyl now available in US stores!

US distributor dusty groove is selling exclusive vinyl copies with our previous release “Yummy!Yummy!” as a bonus edition!


Blockboy around the world!

Wow! Blockboy’s music is spreading around the world!

After australian radio stations like 2SER (Sidney), FreshFM (Adelaide), PBS FM (Melbourne) and british Radio Reverb from Brighton giving Blockboy airplay in their shows, now Brooklyn Radio from New York is featuring Blockboy in this great interview!

Furthermore “Heartbox” was chosen as “Pick of the month” by the international designers network – idN from Hong Kong!

And Acid Ted, a UK music blog for electronic music, says: “it’s a bit of Portishead’s hip hop leanings but combined with Kruder & Dorfmeister’s smokey dub spaciousness…overall, some great tracks!


Blockboy’s first music video

Attention for this very nice video: “Blockboy – Survive” (directed by: Blockboy himself!)


Who the f_ck is Blockboy?

Learn more about Blockboy in this nice video portrait


Blockboy’s coming! Release Date June 8 2012

In many years of hermitic retreat Blockboy collected tons of  fantastic ideas – now he’s ready to share some of these treasures with the world!

His very first release as a solo artist  will be a vinyl EP called Heartbox, moving on the fine line between the genres of Ambient, Downtempo, HipHop, Dubstep and Turntablism.
Release Date is June 8 2012!  Prick your ears – this is very deep and beautiful music!


Some impressions of the Release Party

For those who missed it – here are some impressions of the wonderful “Yummy!Yummy!”-Release-Party at the Atomic Cafe in Munich:

Yummy Release Party Part 1: Danny Decock, VJ Live Act

Yummy Release Party Part 2: Blockboy


Yummy!Yummy! in Canada

Wow! Canadian music magazine urbnet wrote a nice review – let’s conquer the world! 🙂  Yummy!Yummy!-Review @ Urbnet


Thanks to all musicians and volunteers of the release party!

Such a great party last saturday at the Atomic Cafe! Huge thanks to all volunteers (Tomi in particular!) and all musicians! You made it possible to let this wonderful evening happen!!


Special Yummy!Yummy! bonus version at iTunes

From today, there’s a special bonus version of Yummy!Yummy! available at iTunes! It includes the hidden track of the CD. If you didn’t find the reverse version of “A-Seite” (little hint: it’s not at the end!), then now you can get it at iTunes (only there). The search is over!

Yummy!Yummy! in stores now!

From today the Yummy!Yummy!-CD as well as the Vinyl-EP is in stores all across Germany, Austria and Switzerland – and of course at Amazon. Buy happiness! 🙂


Yummy!Yummy! in online stores now!

The time has come! Get your digital version of Yummy!Yummy! at any online shop!


Lipppovic – c.u. – the video

The last track of Yummy!Yummy! as soundtrack for a mysterious science fiction movie: C.U. – the video


Hitzefrei in der Schule der Liebe – the video

Good old Mr. Leisure Suit Larry acts in this hot music video of Mika Krogen’s electro anthem:  Hitzefrei in der Schule der Liebe – the video


Yummy!Yummy! is album of the week at egoFM!

What a nice christmas present:
After our first release having the same honour, bavarian youth radio egoFM now also nominated  Yummy!Yummy! as album of the week! So listen up this week!


Action Man – the video

As a foretaste of Yummy!Yummy! you may watch the video of “Action Man”!
This can truly be considered as film music, because the movie was first! Action Man – the video


Yummy! Yummy! Release Party at Atomic Cafe!

Mark this date in your calendars:
On saturday, January 23th 2010, there will be the big release party at the Atomic Cafe in Munich! Including Live-Shows of Danny Decock, Parasyte Woman and Blockboy (first time ever for him!). There will also be a Live-VJ-Act by Jojo Nguyen, who already did great visuals for Massive Attack and Thievery Corporation! This is gonna be a blast!!


Release Date for YummyYummy! Compilation

Soon available:
Release date for our second release “Yummy!Yummy!” now is January 22nd 2010!

Electronic Music from Chillout to Breakbeat to Electro to Drum’n Bass



03/06/2015 HCR-005

Mista Min


Texan underground rap out of Munich!

06/05/2014 HCR-004


Monument Of The Broken Souls

Blockboy – the album: Hip Hop beats meet Blues and Electronics

06/07/2012 HCR-003



Blockboy’s first EP: a deep cross of downbeat, hiphop, triphop, turntablism and dubstep.

01/02/2010 HCR-002

Various Artists


Compilation of electronic music – from Lounge to Funk to Breakbeat!
Featured artists: Blockboy, Danny Decock, John Pussner, Crack Hudson, Mika Krogen, Parasyte Woman and Lippovic

11/01/2009 HCR-001


Don’t skip that

That’s how it all began: HipHop / Reggae / Funk – handmade!