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While in the US, Mista Min worked with a crew of talented musicians called concept7. After the release of their first album they worked on two new promising LP's, but because of a studio fire and a crashed backup computer both LP's were lost "forever".

However, Mista Min was able to salvage three of the songs from that project and in combination with another song he created as a solo artist was able to manifest a story of life's unrelenting cruelty (Makes No Difference), glimmers of hope (Our Block), continued by a proclamation of this hope (The Link) and reflections on life and self (Little Brother).
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Cat-Nr.: HCR 005
Release date: MARCH 06 2015
Distributor: Finetunes
Format: Download
Label: Hot Corner Records

Artist Info


Mista Min is a Puerto Rican, U.S. rapper that currently lives in Germany, where he's releasing his debut EP "Nineteeneightyfive".

After a poverty-stricken childhood in Florida and Texas, he finally found a replacement for the prematurely deceased father in a gang of youths, under which he could develop his rap talent. He has escaped an appearingly unavoidable spiral of violence and crime only by turning to the Christian faith. Now Mista Min works in an international kindergarten in Munich as an English instructor for children - what remarkable change!

Meanwhile, Mista Min has made a name for himself as a remixer and producer. His debut EP "Nineteeneightyfive" is a promising foundation for everything that may still come!

Feature - Blockboy

Listen to Mista Min's first appearence on Hot Corner Records: featured as Rap artist on

Blockboy's Heartbox EP

Listen in full length:

Blockboy - World against us
Blockboy - Murder


"With a golden era style sound mixed with fresh new lyrics Mista Min has created Greatness with his latest EP titled “Nineteeneightyfive”. His slow yet aggressive flow style allows all listeners to understand each song when they first listen to it. Mixing Conscious & Political topics and filled with metaphors, his music is definitely gravitating to all Hip Hop heads who appreciate fresh music. His beats are dope as well, really mixed and mastered properly to say the least."
(Underground Hip Hop Blog, US)

"...he rises from his studio chair and walks to the microphone. He flails his hands, spitting some lines. It's about his past, his eyes are closed." (from: "A man with two lives", Süddeutsche Zeitung, May 16, 2015) - read full article (german)


Cover I Want To Have It!



Little Brother - Official Music Video

Don't Wanna Be Right - Official Music Video - Part of the Munich HipHop-compilation "Rap In Dei G'sicht Nei!" (2012)

Mista Min about his role as music producer