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After having released the highly acclaimed debut album with Munich-based HipHop/Funk/Reggae outfit Octopussies, Hot Corner's mastermind John Pussner eventually found time – after several years of numerous revisions and re-revisions – to finish the project of his dreams!

Hot Corner Records` extraordinary compilation entitled "Yummy!Yummy!" is like taking a walk in the fresh air of electronic music. No matter if it's funk or disco music, whether you bang your head or you get a feeling as if you were flying, no matter if it's mellow or party time – Yummy!Yummy! brings you highlights of music away from the main stream.

From the relaxed and beautiful opener A-Seite (Danny Decock) and Bunnybreak (Blockboy) which is inspired by breakdance to the electro killer entitled Hitzefrei in der Schule der Liebe (Mika Krogen): Yummy!Yummy! has everything a fan of electronic music could possibly ask for.

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Cat-Nr.: HCR 002
Release date: January 1, 2010
Distributor: Finetunes/Rough Trade
Format: CD/Vinyl/Download
Label: Hot Corner Records

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Electronic but still human

Seven artists, all of them directly or indirectly involved with this mastermind, came together to create a compilation that does not suffer from the typical symptoms of half-hearted samplers but offers a homogeneous and diversified sortiment – just like the chewing gum machine on the cover. The difference is: The songs will not lose their taste as quickly as the chewing gums you had when you were a kid!

John Pussner, Blockboy, Danny Decock, Parasyte Woman, Mika Krogen, Lippovic and Crack Hudson deliver a piece of art with loads of details to discover, with every song telling its own story and has its own life – the record comes with a top quality booklet full of all these stories.


"... among a sophisticated production full of details it's the humorous use of speech samples that's common to most of the tracks, which at example in the case of Danny Decock's "20 Einheiten" brings back memories of early Adolf Noise tracks. Humour seems generally to be an essential aspect of this collective: you can hardly hold back a big smile when Mika Krogen sings about "Hitzefrei In Der Schule Der Liebe." (annotation: "Hitzefrei" is a term in german school system for an earlier end of teaching time because of excessive heat; so it means "Hitzefrei In The School Of Love") (Raveline)

"... apparently these sound innovators learned how to draw an exciting bow between sampling art and laid back beats – this smells like a hit!" (

"Album of the month! With much love for detail. The complex booklet alone is for enthusiasts!" (

"... an artwork full of details, where every song can stand for itself but also all songs together form a unit." (

"Listening to "Yummy! Yummy!" is like opening the box of Pandora, the more you listen, more details come to light, more details must be conquered by listening to this outstanding music again. This multilayered compilation merges Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk, and multiple Ethno influences together to a new kind of music. A few years ago people may call it eclectically Hip-Hop Jazz, today I would call it a new dimension of Soul music. Perfect album!" (Cuemix Magazine)

"... in this array of mature, partyesque and funky soulful sounds that cover the genre spectrum with electronic in mind. The graceful and comfortable LOFI samples and wacky sounds sum up some of the quality of music you're about to encounter." (Urbnet Magazine, CAN)

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