Don't Skip That


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Since being macho sucks as much as using midi they called themselves Octopussies – and put their plan into action: "Don't Skip That" easily merges hip hop, reggae and funk not bowing to any restrictions, but crossing every stilistic limit uprightly.

While the head-nodding opener "Don't Skip That" is an hommage to the glory days of hip hop, the early nineties, "Fear Di Drum" sparks up the dancehall dancefloor with its bouncy rhythm, its catchy hook and – hence the name – its bursting drums just to eventually die away into a sweet slice of dubstep. Be it instrumental retro funk, be it heartbreakingly melancholic reggae, be it classic hip hop sound – "Don't Skip That" serves it all and just doesn't cool off.

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Cat-Nr.: HCR 001
Release date: March 27 2009
Distributor: Finetunes
Format: Compact Disc/Album
Label: Hot Corner Records

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In the beginning was the basement

Eight boys with a sound fetish in a smelly chamber, somewhere near Munich, making the master plan: composing an album without the use of any midi-device, but capturing the magic of the uncountable jam sessions their songs arose from.

Driven by a forceful five-man-band (drums, keys, guitar, bass, turntables) the two mc's Primate Rhyme and Bert Cocaine heat up the booth and take turns with the highly talented singer Jerrizon.

With "Don't Skip That" in the trunk and a tank filled with fuel for the live shows the Octopussies will be touring southern Germany for the next months – and it's only a matter of time (and first class flight tickets) before they expand globally!


"... a very well done work which is luminous "retro" from the bottom of its soul but also offers quite more." (

"... eight friends demonstrate that HipHop may also work in a different way and that you can stand out from the typical HipHopAct, especially nowadays." (MKZWO)

"... hearing this mixture brings both pictures of dreamlike caribbean beaches as well as a feeling of sitting in a smoky bar and drinking an old Martini to your mind." (

"... bringing musical styles together in such a rude and disrespectful way is in its most positive sense refreshing." (Michael Arens’ Soul Train)

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Octopussies – Don't Skip That (Live)